CLE Thematic Statements

1.Becoming a teacher is not an easy job; you need to learn to balance the practical skills with the creative skills to allow students to take risks, all while maintaining classroom management. 2. Its okay to take a while to decide your path; sometimes you have to grow and have some real life experiences before […]

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Career Ed: University Research

  Simon Fraser University  Ontario Tech University  University of British Colombia  Prerequisites  – GPA 2.5+ (approximately last 60 units of undergraduate coursework)  – 2 English or French* courses (minimum 6 units with 3 units of literature)  – Bachelor’s degree (minimum 120–unit degree)  – 1 major or 2 minors in teachable subjects – SFU literacy requirement  – SFU quantitative requirement  […]

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Whats the Deal with these Three Jobs?

Jobs:  Secondary School Teacher  RCMP Officer  Early Childhood Educator  Average Salary  $60,477  $60,000  $31,204  Education  –Bachelor’s degree  -PDP program  Overall Length: 5 Years  -Minimum of one year post-secondary education  -Police acadamy  Overall Length: 1 year and 4 months  -Early Childhood Educator Program  Overall Length: 9 months  Tasks  -Teaching your specific subject  -Marking homework, tests, and other schoolwork  -Lesson Planning  -Developing and maintaining […]

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A: Character Development “Non-stop” is one of the longest and most impactful songs in the whole musical. At the beginning of this song we follow Hamilton and Burr into New York after the war. They both started studying law together, yet Hamilton was gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Hamilton is given many responsibilities throughout this song, and […]

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Is Carbon Dioxide Benefiting or Ruining Our Planet?

CLICK HERE to watch my TALON Talk! See my bibliography at the bottom! Here are my notes: Currently about half of the carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels is not absorbed by vegetation and the oceans and remains in the atmosphere. Extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect.The impact of climate change […]

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